Dr Ara Jo may be a familiar face to those of you who are subscribed to this channel already as she was featured recently discussing the ever-increasing, yet largely ignored issue of “skinny fat” or “skinny obesity” which you can watch here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW0r7…

In the following video, Dr. Jo, from the University of Florida, sat with me in the beautiful gardens on campus in order to discuss another health issue that we need to sit up and pay attention to, which is body composition, or more specifically, body composition as it relates to women. Dr Jo explains what exactly body composition means and why it is more important to focus on our body composition as opposed to our body weight. What this means and how we can apply it is detailed by Dr. Jo and explained in more depth with some very interesting examples and statistics.

Dr. Jo covers a wide variety of topics relating to body composition, including body fat, body mass index, bone mass, muscle mass, age, hormonal changes, and other factors we need to take into consideration which are otherwise overlooked. She explains how our diet, lifestyle and exercise needs to vary according to these factors and how they play a huge role in how we plan our realistic goals and plan our objectives proportionally. Every individual and biological make up is unique, and you’ll also learn how you can measure your own body composition and have a clearer understanding of what you need to do to achieve maximum health and wellness and how it enables each of us to achieve our goals in a much more realistic and beneficial manner while ALSO reducing certain physical and mental health risks later in life. It is a fascinating subject and teaches us how we should all stop focusing on our weight alone, and learn about all of the aspects of our body, how to get stronger, how get the right amount of protein and allow it to benefit our health for a very long period of time.

Thank you for watching as always and be sure to post your questions and comments below. My special thanks for Dr. Jo for her time and for sharing her knowledge and expertise on these subjects. Be sure to subscribe and click on the notification bell if you haven’t already as we have lots more to come. 🙂

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