Keto breakfast doesn’t always need to be bacon and eggs. There are so many ways to flavor eggs but scrambled with spicy chorizo and spinach is a real show-stopper. Pork chorizo is high in natural fats, and combined with eggs, packs a good serving of protein and fat for breakfast. If possible, select organic pork chorizo to spare your body the stress from the toxic load conventionally raised animals bring. I understand pork isn’t everyone’s thing, however, so feel free to substitute different meat or a vegetarian option if you prefer.

One of my favorite culinary adventures is to season my eggs with turmeric before scrambling in order to sneak in a serving of natural anti-inflammatory and antidepressant medicinal mood-boosting compounds. Did I also mention turmeric has anti-aging qualities? With this spirited breakfast (which is a once in a while treat), you can eat your way to both inner and outer beauty!

And remember, this isn’t limited to breakfast only, eat it any time in any quantity. You know the rules; there aren’t any. Simply throw it all in a pan, and enjoy. The nutritional value of this quick and easy recipe is simply off the charts and, it tastes amazing and will keep you satisfied for a long time, making this great for OMAD or intermittent fasting.

To your health and happiness,



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