There is More to Keto Than We Know

I’ve always been very outspoken about how much I love to share information. Sharing is caring, as I’ve always put it, and various social media platforms and specifically YouTube and the videos I put out there for the world to see, are all about dispensing information that I’ve learned by going off the beaten path in countries around the world where I’ve been exposed to fascinating traditions, and often mind-blowing information. This has been further compounded by scientific information amassed in labs by some truly exceptional individuals in their respective fields who have dedicated their lives in some cases, to the study of subjects that are literally life-changing. Quite simply, I feel like an ambassador to bridge the gap between cultural, age-old findings, and modern, cutting edge scientific studies, and have made it my mission to share and spread this globally, and will continue doing so.

Nothing was quite as empowering as writing my first book, Glow15. It became a New York Times Bestseller and inspired me to be at the forefront of knowledge when it came to subjects like keto, for example, something that has had a profound and life-changing effect on me personally and my family, and has motivated me to dig deeper and go further, all the while with your health and wellbeing at the center of this journey. Keto, for me, began as a dietary change and through study and experience and exploration, I have come to understand that there is more to this word than meets the eye.

My second book, High Fiber Keto, which has just been released is another strong example of this, and in this video, I talk about what makes High Fiber Keto unique in the wide world of keto-related books and more importantly, why you need to read and apply the information within, because, as the title states, there IS more to keto than we know. As a subscriber, you’ll know that most of my content on this channel over the last couple of months has focused on keto and high fiber. Not only does it come from some of the greatest minds I have had the privilege to talk to, but also in an effort to ascertain real-world examples of what I wrote about, I’ve also had to get my hands dirty, and my feet wet. Only so much can be derived in a lab and sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones and into the world to see the science at work.

It has all been an absolute pleasure and seeing the effects it’s had on many of you and hearing and reading those testimonials is what makes all of this worthwhile. If you are a subscriber already you’ll know my history and will have seen many videos in which I share my findings in every way that I can; video blogs in different parts of the world, new information, interviews, recipes, excerpts from my docuseries “The Real Skinny on Fat”, and so much more.

Thanks as always for watching 🙂


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