The Ultimate Keto Mac & Cheese!

You don’t need to skip out on comfort foods when you’re going Keto. Cauliflower is a great substitute for pasta when you’re craving rich, creamy foods. It’s just as good and a lot healthier than the processed mac and cheese you think you want. You can still get your favorite mac and cheese without the sugar and carbs that compete with fat for energy production. So, in keeping with our “comfort food Keto-style” series, today’s video is based on this American favorite.

While I was born to French and English parents and grew up in that part of the world, this dish was relatively new to me when I came to the States, but one that I loved nonetheless. Mac and cheese is a favorite of my kids, as well as countless families throughout USA. It is ranked among the most popular foods in the US, and guess what? As good as it tastes, It is pretty much a carb bomb, and unless you’re cooking it yourself with quality ingredients, most store-bought mac and cheese is processed beyond belief and full of artificial everything – including the cheese! So, a carb-fest with artificial ingredients… doesn’t sound too appealing anymore, does it?

But, as those of you who watch this recipes regularly know, I am not one for giving up on the things I love or sacrificing taste. While I consider keto a lifestyle and don’t like to use the word “diet”, a food change is essentially a diet, but a keto diet is not one that you have to worry about. I will never stop saying it; you do not have to eat plain and bland food that causes you to be miserable and brings about more cravings, life is to be enjoyed and that is one of the many aspects of keto that I absolutely love. You can take your favorite foods and simply adjust them, adjust the ingredients, and have the best of both worlds, good health and good taste. Cauliflower, our mac and cheese hero today, is a cruciferous vegetable, which we now know activates our autophagy as well as containing many healing properties for our body.

Our second hero today, or superhero rather, is of course turmeric, which we have dedicated entire videos to which you can watch here, and the benefits of which are unreal. Adding turmeric is not only going to supercharge this dish, but a fun little bonus is that due to its luminous color, when mixed with the cream and cheese, it gives off that classic Mac and Cheese color, which is irresistible.

Food is medicine and by making this switch from pasta to vegetable while enjoying the same taste and essentially the same ingredients, cheese, cream, etc, we are doing our bodies so much good and eating a true keto meal that is at once satiating and delicious, all the while eliminating those unwanted carbs and artificial ingredients. What could be better than that 😉

My family and I love this recipe, and whether eating this as a snack, at work for lunch, or for dinner with your own family, this is something that you can prepare quickly and easily and on a budget. One of the extra bonuses of the recipe!

So eat well, live well, enjoy yourself, and watch the weight fall off, and your health improve. See you on the next one 🙂



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