I was incredibly fortunate and honored to sit in the beautiful gardens at the University of Florida with the world’s leading expert on Kratom, Dr Christopher R. McCurdy.

Dr. McCurdy is a fascinating individual with a wealth of knowledge on this subject and over 15 years of study and research, not only in the lab, but also traveling throughout the jungles of Asia, truly immersing himself in his study. His knowledge in this field is staggering and as a fellow explorer who loves to go off the beaten path, it was indeed a pleasure to sit and learn from him.

Kratom is a word that is becoming more and more widespread within the wellness community. Sometimes regarded as controversial, and other times as a breakthrough medicine for treating addiction, and alleviating depression. Paradoxically, it has been known to have a sedative and/or a stimulating effect, depending on the dosage, which is very unique. While natural breakthroughs in wellness and their use medicinally, they are not always met with curiosity but often dismissed far too casually or unfairly labeled without the proper research.

For those of you who have yet to hear about Kratom, Dr. McCurdy does an excellent job explaining exactly what it is in great detail in this video, but in short, Kratom is a plant found predominantly in Asia and belongs to the coffee family.

The leaves, or extracts from the leaves, have been used for treating chronic pain, digestive ailments, and as an aid for withdrawal from opium dependence as well as treating depression. However, there haven’t been enough clinical trials to help understand the full health effects of kratom as yet, and it is still illegal in some states and in certain forms as further studies continue. This is also an area that Dr. McCurdy addresses in the video.

As a wellness explorer I am constantly looking to learn and share my knowledge of natural cures and natural alternatives, of which there are many, as yet unexplored, and undiscovered. Nature has given us what we need, both good and bad in some cases as Dr McCurdy points out. Its chemical make up and potential uses are very intriguing as you’ll learn, but the research on Kratom is still in its early stages, relatively speaking, but the studies of devoted experts like Dr. McCurdy and the testimonials of those who have used it to good effect are definitely worth sitting up and paying attention to.

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