The fall season, with its changing colors, cooler temperatures, and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, is one of my favorite times of the year. In this video, I felt inspired to create something with an ingredient I rarely use in my recipes, at least in my video recipes, and that is pumpkin. This may seem like a curious choice for a Keto enthusiast, but believe me, while we often associate pumpkin with cakes and pies and all things sweet, it is pretty close to a superfood. Not only is it packed full of nutrients, the list of which is too long to include here, but its nutrient density and low calorie count can actually promote weight loss. So if you’re worried about carbs or being knocked out of ketosis, worry not.

Smoothies are something I love to make and love even more to drink, because they’re quick to prepare and an ideal way of including lots of additional nutrients and supplements and quickly ingested. Pumpkins are Keto friendly, they’re relatively low carb and are of course delicious, the aroma is delightful and incorporating it into the wonderfully rich and healthy smoothie-latte just heightens the flavor even more and elevates its nutritional benefits to no end.

This smoothie is quite unique, because it’s also a latte. It doesn’t have to be your morning caffeine fix (but sure works as one!), but I like to think of this smoothie-latte as an anytime drink. Obviously you want to be aware that it does contain coffee and therefore is perhaps not the ideal pre-bedtime drink, but neither should it be limited to a certain time of day, and if you want to substitute organic decaf in its place, as I always say, there are no rules. Make it your own. This is certainly the most complex of all smoothies I’ve made on this channel. It does require a lot of ingredients but the great part is that once you have them, you can make this over and over. It’s not a one-time thing. This is a throw-it-all-in, blend, and enjoy, smoothie, just like any other, but the ingredients are what make it unique and especially good for you. First of all you have the coconut milk, the pumpkin, the collagen and all of the various other ingredients that make up a complex yet incredibly potent and healthy smoothie with a taste that will blow your mind, a nice caffeine kick, (let’s not forget the health benefits of good quality coffee either), and health benefits that really make this smoothie-latte hybrid quite special.




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