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Resveratrol, Collagen, and a Tow Truck. Adventures in France

Bonjour! So, who says you can’t make a video blog in the rain on the side of the road in the French countryside while waiting for a tow truck? Personally, I thought it was the perfect time, and perhaps even the perfect place to break down. Such is my love for France that it takes little to dampen my spirits there. This little vlog was done in a flash but I thought as we all waited, why not get the camera out, go for a walk, and tell you all a little about why I was there, and what I (we) were doing. Well, obviously I can’t tell too much otherwise it’d take the fun out of watching the videos. But I can tell you that while it was a whirlwind trip, we visited 3 places; Paris as a base, Bordeaux for the majority of the trip to visit old friends and vineyards and drink wine and eat amazing food and talk to people whose life revolves around cheese and generally soak up all this wonderful culture and gorgeous scenery, and Le Portel on the northern coast. But of course, this is not a vacation diary, the purpose went a little deeper than that and as a wellness explorer I wanted to visit places, talk to people and learn more about these wonderful things like resveratrol, collagen, and much, much more. So expect to see a lot of French content coming up! 

Enjoy and au revoir. 🙂


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