Continuing with our French series, in which we will discover together the wonderful world of resveratrol and collagen, to name a couple of topics, I decided on a whim, during a beautiful sunny afternoon while sitting and enjoying a glass of white wine in the chateau of my old friend Thierry, to grab the camera and make a spur of the moment video blog on something we’ve all heard… “Joie de Vivre”. Many of us know this phrase but the underlying philosophy behind it and what it truly means as translated into English is something that is so important in life, for our health, both physical and mental, and for alleviating the stresses of the modern world. Attitude is indeed everything and we know how important appreciation and joy is to our health and what effect it has on those around us.

The joy of life… How often can we truly say we are experiencing the joy of life? When we fall in love perhaps, when we spend time with our children, when we get married… these would be the obvious answers, but what I love so much about the French way of life, something that was engrained in me since my childhood, (my mother being French), it gives me a great deal of perspective in an all too busy world.

The Japanese have their own word for this and it is unique to Okinawa, where I have spent so much time over the years, learning about the way of life due to the incredible health that the locals enjoy and the number of centenarians. They are happy people. This sense of appreciation and joy in the small details of life can be found there, whether you see the locals smiling while playing with a child or gardening together and enjoying the sense of community and purpose. Shortly prior to filming this, I was sipping my wine, greeting locals who smiled and spoke kind words with heart, enjoying a break from filming in the vineyards, and savoring the breeze and sunshine, eating tiny apricots, breathing fresh air, and above all, reflecting. And then something happened.

For a moment, I felt no stress, I felt no anxiety, nor did I worry, or look at my phone, have racing thoughts or one of the many things we experience hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the day. It was a moment of being present and clear-headed, one of perspective, and appreciation of the details of life. Finding happiness in a tiny apricot or in the wonders of nutrition and how my friend Thierry, a seventh generation vintner can take a tiny grape and with a happy heart and a smiling face create wonderful biodynamic wines and in so doing so, find his own joie de vivre. Above all it was a moment of joy, experiencing this appreciation, and I hope that this video can inspire you to take a moment when you can to really understand and experience this philosophy by appreciating the joy of your own life and its many wonderful details in every way you can and everything that you do.

Thanks as always for watching, and to your health, and of course, your happiness. 🙂 C’est parti…Au revoir.


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