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Naomi’s Balance Supplement Bundle

Balance your health with Naomi’s new Balance Bundle. Perfectly formulated to get your wellness in order…your cells, your gut will thank you for it. First, Turmeric to the inflammation rescue…and the studies are “overwhelmingly clear” on the multitude of health benefits of Turmeric. Next up, Bergamot which provides antioxidant support and helps promote healthy cellular function. Finally, AutophaTea coupled with the goodness of Simply GOODFATS Whole Food MCT and you have a winning formula to balance your wellness and get on track.

Turmeric Plus Resveratrol 60ct

Combining research-based doses of Turmeric Extract (1,000 mg) and Resveratrol supplement (100 mg) into one "super formula" to combat harmful inflammation and provide you with powerful heart, brain and antioxidant support.

What It Does:
Combats harmful inflammation*
Helps balance cholesterol and triglycerides*
Promotes optimal heart and brain health*
Reduces joint and muscle pain while improving mobility*
Eases inflammation-related digestive discomfort*

Citrus Bergamot

Features Bergamonte (500 mg) extract from the peel of an Italian citrus fruit which is commonly used as a flavoring for Earl Grey tea, and has been scientifically shown to help increase “good” HDL cholesterol and reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, while also reducing triglycerides and balancing blood sugar levels. Enhanced with Olive Fruit Extract (100 mg) and proprietary anti-aging blend containing 50 mg of Trans-Resveratrol to promote healthy cellular function.*

What It Does:
Promotes healthy cardiovascular function*
Decreases LDL (bad) cholesterol*
Increases HDL (good) cholesterol*
Lowers triglycerides*
Helps balance blood sugar*

Whole Food MCT Oil


  • Enhances mental focus
  • Boosts fat burn and metabolism
  • Made from the freshest coconuts tested for purity
  • Fats in the natural ratio found in coconuts
  • Enzymatic, solvent-free processing

Autophatea Tea Bags

Steam one cup of AutophaTea daily to activate your body’s rejuvenation process. Indulge in a bold fusion of black and green tea, brimming with potent EGCG polyphenols that promote energy and support weight management. A hint of Italian bergamot citrus and cinnamon spice create an elevated tea experience.

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