Doorbuster – Merry & Bright Kit

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Who says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?! This holiday, add this incredible Bright and Merry beauty routine to your day, and you will have people wondering where did she get that beautiful skin?! Bar none, this combination of Revitalize cleanser, Revitalize serum, Glow15 Collagen plus Resveratrol will not only brighten your skin but also create even tone leaving all to wonder, what’s her secret!

And for a limited time, enjoy this $109.99 doorbuster with free shipping!

OMI Revitalize Micro Peel Resurfacing Cleanser

Rinses quickly and easily to leave skin smooth, refreshed and visibly more even-toned!

This highly-effective nutritive cleanser gently refines the skin as you cleanse to leave your skin smooth, refreshed, and visibly more even-toned.

OMI Revitalize Perfectly Even Corrector Serum

For skin that’s bright and beautifully even!

A high-potency correction serum that brings light to even the most stubborn hyperpigmentation issues. It effectively targets spot areas as well as evening skin’s overall tone.

Glow15 Collagen plus Resveratrol


  • MORE THAN COLLAGEN: Glow15 Collagen Plus Resveratrol is a unique complex combining the benefits of Resveratrol and collagen in one
  • ANTI-AGING: Restore and protect your youth with a proprietary Glow15 anti-aging blend, BioCell Collagen, and trans-Resveratrol
  • Glow15 Anti-Aging Proprietary Blend: Keeps your radiance shining brightly by helping neutralize the aging effects of free radical damage
  • HEALTHIER INGREDIENTS: The formula uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure your beauty routine stays simple, effective, and flawless

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