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The launch of Naomi’s long-awaited book, High Fiber Keto, is around the corner. And Naomi has put together this foundational support kit to get you started! On February 25, 2020, Naomi’s new book will be shipped to you – and in advance, you will have prepared your body with this back-to-the-basics kit to kick off your 22-day High Fiber Keto journey. Transform your metabolism, enhance your microbiome, balance your hormones and stay satiated with Naomi’s new 22-day program designed to help you once and for all crack the Keto code. So, whether you are new to keto or have repeatedly failed at keto or somewhere in between, get started today with the basics to prep your body to kick off this amazing new 22-day program!

High Fiber Keto - A 22-Day Plan to Fix Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Balance Your Hormones

Naomi Whittel, the New York Times bestselling author of Glow15, explores how the problem isn’t keto, it’s fiber. Ninety percent of women are fiber deficient, and when women go down the standard keto route, they often lean into animal-based, high-fat, zero-fiber foods, leading to low energy, brain fog, and unnecessary weight gain. Whittel explores the fruits, vegetables, and prebiotic fiber sources that work within a keto framework to:

  • transform your metabolism
  • enhance your microbiome
  • balance your hormones, and
  • keep you satiated.

Whittel’s 22-day plan includes a day-by-day movement framework you can tailor to your own needs and delicious, easy-to-make recipes that include both the nutrients and flavor you need to make a sustainable change. With its encouraging and supportive tone, and the foundational science and research to back it up, High Fiber Keto provides the means to get on track with keto and for keto to get on track with you.

Glow15 Berberine - 60ct

Berberine’s superpower is its ability to produce biological effects similar to those of exercise.*

Grown throughout Asia, berberine has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine. In studies, berberine has been shown to benefit diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gut health, and a positive effect on fat.

Turmeric Plus Resveratrol 60ct

Turmeric with Resveratrol contains powerful Turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids. This combined with a proprietary blend of trans-Resveratrol from wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed standardized extract and our polyphenol blend Organic French and Muscadine grapes is the perfect blend to get in your Turmeric supplementation.

OMI Pre-Biome Microbiome Supplement


This gut microbiome prebiotic supplement blend is designed to promote digestive function, a healthy gut, support immune function, provide a superior source of prebiotics to the digestive system for a balanced, bloat-free belly and many more benefits to boost overall health.

A Complete Complex: helps restore gut flora, the good bacteria that may have been depleted as a result of poor diet, the overuse of antibiotics, food poisoning, or environmental toxins 

Maintains Healthy Intestinal Flora: helps to balance yeast growth, maintain the integrity of the intestinal lining, and promote healthy microbiome balance for optimal digestive and immune health

Restores Beneficial Bacteria: probiotic strains Bacillus subtillus, Bacillus coagulans, and Bacillus clausii promote healthy digestive function while the prebiotic fiber blend feeds friendly bacteria and supports natural stomach balance

Promotes a Flat Tummy: when taken before a meal, the digestive enzyme blend aids in breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats while promoting daily relief from gas and bloating

Keto and Paleo Friendly: delayed-release vegetable capsules promote overall gut health and support keto and paleo lifestyles


How to Use

Take two prebiome vegetable capsules before a meal, at least once daily.


Simply GoodFats Organic MCT Oil

Simply GOODFATS Organic MCT Oil is the good fat your brain and body love. Medium-chain fats provide quick energy to lift brain fog, burn stored fat, fire-up metabolism and satisfy cravings. Derived from fresh, organic coconuts and processed close to the source to preserve freshness, this nourishing oil is purified using natural enzymes, not chemical solvents. Pour, blend or drizzle on anything – it’s all good.

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