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Creamy MCT Vanilla Coconut Swirl



  • Supports brain function
  • Activates fat burn
  • Powers metabolism
  • Satisfies cravings
  • Made from fresh coconuts tested for purity
  • Cold-pressed to retain nutrients
  • Available in delicious Vanilla Coconut Swirl or Mandarin Orange Dream

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30 Days


Simply GoodFats Creamy MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) contains your brain and body’s favorite food. Specially blended to provide easy to use fuel, Creamy MCT is a decadent, super tasty and convenient way to include these incredibly beneficial fats in your daily life. Take it by the spoonful — it’ll fire up brain cells, burn stored fat, spark your metabolism and calm cravings. A flavorful addition to shakes and smoothies, you can even make crème brûlée! Try it anywhere you use dairy and get the nutritious, satisfying fats your brain and body crave.



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