Grass-Fed Collagen Protein 25g – Chocolate

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More protein power. Better absorption. Deliciously made for keto!

SimplyGOOD Collagen Protein supports a healthy body shape and lean muscle, smooth and supple skin, and your active lifestyle with 25 grams of grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen. Complete with 19 amino acids including all 9 essential animo acids, it’s a “complete protein” that can replace and upgrade your other protein powders.

Muscle mass and collagen are critical to your health, appearance and quality of life. Together they help promote healthy weight, muscle mass, skin, joints and bones.

Maintain your strength and radiance as you age with SimplyGOOD Collagen Protein. It supplies the building blocks your body needs to help build lean muscle and decrease body fat. To support healthy skin and joints, this concentrated protein delivers powerful collagen peptides that the body can easily absorb and use to renew tissue.

Made for keto, SimplyGOOD Collagen Protein helps you stay fueled and energized on high days with a creamy boost of MCTs. With this special combination of macronutrients, you can satisfy hunger and cravings as you support your fat-loss goals.

SimplyGOOD Collagen Protein is deliciously flavored with organic cocoa, natural chocolate and monk fruit.

• Supports healthy body composition, lean muscle mass, skin, joints, bones and other connective tissue
• 25 g of hydrolyzed grass-fed beef collagen for optimal absorption
• 19 amino acids including 9 essential amino acids
• 3 g medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)
• Mix in hot or cold beverages
• No artificial sweeteners or unnecessary fillers

With Nine Essential Amino Acids:


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2 reviews for Grass-Fed Collagen Protein 25g – Chocolate

  1. Christine M

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you Naomi

  2. Diana Rubin (verified owner)

    I don’t usually do reviews but I had to do this one! This is absolutely the best tasting collagen protein on the market! I have tried every single one trying to find one that taste good and does not make me sick! I am highly sensitive, gluten and MOD MAP intolerant. This product is delicious and makes me feel great! Hallelujah! Thank you Naomi – you did it again!

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