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BioAlaskan™ Omega Orange & Berry 90ct softgels


Better Methods – Better Oil – Better Nutrition

BioAlaskan™ Omega Oil is where sourcing meets science. Our oil is unique for its concentration of Omega 3’s, EPA, DHA and DPA, and naturally occurring vitamins A&D from Premium Alaskan Cod, a species with a rich nutrient profile. From fresh catch to finished product, this artisan fish liver oil delivers ultimate potency and maintains the integrity of traditional Alaskan fishing.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30 Days


Line Caught

Using methods that protect and sustain marine ecology, our community of fishermen use traditional lines, not nets, to minimize bycatch.


Flash-Frozen/Cold Pressed

Fresh fish can degrade quickly. Within one hour of catch, our cod are flash-frozen while our boats are still in the water, then cold-pressed to lock-in freshness and naturally occurring levels of nutrients.


Meet Our Partners

Marine Stewardship Council – Twinlab is proud to partner with American fishermen from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, who has been bestowed the MSC certification for sustainable fishing. Marine Stewardship Council protects the natural resources of our planet’s oceans.


Friend of the Sea – Friend of the Sea is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), whose mission is the conservation of the marine habitat.


Product Benefits

  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function and already healthy triglyceride levels *
  • Helps regulate the immune system*
  • Promotes a healthy brain, joints, and vision*

Formula Highlights

  • Omega-3 lipids, EPA and EHA, including DPA and naturally occurring vitamins A & D from line-caught wild Alaskan cod*
  • Within hours of catch, fish are flash-frozen and cold-pressed to maintain optimal freshness and potency nutrients*
  • Contains significant levels of DPA, the missing omega-3*
  • Non-GMO omega oil

Additional Benefits

  • Great tasting Orange & Berry Flavor
  • Mini oval fish gelatin softgels
  • No odor or aftertaste!

Product Specs

  • 90 count softgels contains 500 Mg per serving of Omega 3 (EPA+DHA+DPA)


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