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Glow15 Berberine – 60ct


Berberine’s superpower is its ability to produce biological effects similar to those of exercise.*

Grown throughout Asia, berberine has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine. In studies, berberine has been shown to benefit diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gut health, and a positive effect on fat.

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Studies show berberine can help manage genes to have a positive effect on burning calories and keep the body from creating fat in the first place, as well as fighting insulin resistance, a contributor to weight gain.*

This amazing Powerphenol also supports healthy blood sugar control, which keeps cravings at bay.*

Berberine has also been shown to have a positive effect on gut flora. Improving the bacteria in your gut can not only ease digestive issues, protect from bloating, gas, and traditional GI Issues, but can also play an important role in your overall health.*


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