AutophaTea Bundle

Whether you are wanting to enjoy a hot cup of tea, cool glass of iced tea or on the go, don’t miss getting all the wonderful goodness of AutophaTea and it’s powerful polyphenol combination. This is more than just another cup of tea or supplement; in just one serving your body will thank you each and every day with this incredible AutophaTea Bundle made just for you!

AutophaTea Caps - 90ct × 2

Autophagy (aw-TOFF-uh-gee) is the complex housekeeping process the body uses to cleanse cells of impurities and awaken true vitality. Nature offers special compounds identified in award-winning research for their ability to support this natural process. AutophaTea delivers three of these powerful ingredients in convenient capsules.

Autophatea Tea Bags × 2

Steam one cup of AutophaTea daily to activate your body’s rejuvenation process. Indulge in a bold fusion of black and green tea, brimming with potent EGCG polyphenols that promote energy and support weight management. A hint of Italian bergamot citrus and cinnamon spice create an elevated tea experience.


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