Of all the many, many interviews we conducted as part of my docuseries “The Real Skinny on Fat”, I have never been so moved as I was listening to Montel Williams.

I interviewed many very high profile individuals and many experts in their respective fields on information as it related to keto, all of whom I am very grateful to for having imparted some incredible advice and knowledge, based on years of research and study. It was the basis and objective of the docuseries to shed as much light as possible on the benefits of the keto lifestyle — as many of you know who have seen the series — and to spread as much knowledge and information as possible.

Such is the objective of the “The Real Skinny on Fat”, and this very YouTube channel. It’s all about sharing and caring within the health and wellness community and in this interview with Montel Williams we really get to see something powerful and moving. Not only do we get to hear the emotional story of his past health issues and how he managed to cope with some very difficult times, but we get to hear an inspiring story and the happy ending and it is, as the title states, a powerful and emotional testimony.

I have been a strong advocate for the ketogenic lifestyle for years now and have experienced its benefits and healing capabilities in my personal life, from the life threatening experiences my son endured and was later cured of, to my own personal experiences, so listening to Montel was a very emotional experience to say the least. Not only does he talk about how he overcame some tough obstacles in his life through eating properly and as he puts it “eating keto before it was even called keto”, he also shares his frustrations and experiences being given misinformed information from doctors, how he refused to accept statements and instructions that could have caused him far worse long term problems and his passionate description of what we need to be focusing on in our quest for health and happiness.

His words are stirring and strong and I could not be more grateful for his time and openness in not only participating in my series, but as my friend I am grateful for his sharing of such an inspiring story and I hope it helps you and reminds you of what is so important, as it did for me.

Thank you for watching, and to your own health and happiness.


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