Former Athlete Weighs in on Keto’s Anti-Aging Benefits

We’re back with another installment of the Keto interview highlights from my docuseries, “The Real Skinny on Fat” in which I interviewed so many experts in the health and wellness industry. In this video I talk to ex-bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast Dori Madsen on her keto journey and how it has impacted her life. Interestingly, she talks about her love of keto for not only helping her to maintain a great body at the age of 54, but also how it’s had an anti aging effect on her body and kept her metabolism fast.

As a longtime personal trainer, yoga, Pilates and bootcamp instructor, she states in the video, she not only eats more now than she did in her 20’s but can still compete and out-perform women half her age. She also talks about the physical benefits of the keto lifestyle, and how as she gets older she has no joint pain or body aches compared to when she eats a high carb diet. I’ve seen in comments on previous videos that this has been the case for many of you.

This was a really interesting interview as it dealt with a topic that hadn’t been discussed too much in other interviews but one that is absolutely accurate and one that everyone should be aware of. The keto diet is endlessly fascinating and the benefits of eating healthy fats and a low carb diet go far beyond mere weight loss.

Thanks as always for watching, we are on a keto roll as promised as we begin 2020 and expect many videos on the subject. In the lead up to the release of my new book High Fiber Keto, I want to educate and share as much keto-based info that I possibly can on this platform, and I hope this benefits you as much as it did me. 

To you health and happiness


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