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Keto: Bacon, Avocado Keto Burger & “Fries”

We have covered the topic of why a “diet” or a particular lifestyle does not mean having to sacrifice the things we enjoy, in fact, it’s been the subject of so many of the video recipes I’ve posted on my channel, and I can’t emphasize that point enough.

First of all, it is one of the most common reasons people burn out or simply give up while trying to diet. It’s not about eating things that taste bland and are uninspired, or just plain bad. It should never be about that. Changing the way you eat and your lifestyle should not dictate how you feel and make you frustrated. That is one of the many things that I love about living a ketogenic lifestyle.

I struggled with cravings in the past, particularly sugar, yet switching to the Keto diet, and opting for good fats, eliminated the cravings altogether and introduced me to a new way of eating where healthy food suddenly became delicious and avoiding snacks or decadent sweets or comfort foods became a thing of the past. It’s for that very reason that I’m inspired today to share this with people and to let you know, there is an alternative and you do not have to suffer needlessly.

Losing weight and improving the quality of life doesn’t have to come at a price. In today’s video I will show you how I like to eat hamburgers without harming my health or knocking myself out of ketosis.

This recipe is simple and very easy to make, and it is a wonderful alternative to a traditional hamburger, essentially eliminating all that is bad about a regular burger; white bread, carbs, sugar, and adding a healthy twist by switching regular French fries with jicama, and incorporating good fats in the form of bacon and avocado and of course, organic MCT oil, or whole food MCT oil. This is something that you can enjoy anytime anywhere, and is a great idea for families and kids. So don’t feel guilt, feel happy and healthy and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

Happy eating! 🙂



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