As part of my docuseries “The Real Skinny on Fat”, I was thrilled to sit down with dietician and author of The Sugar Detox, Brooke Alpert. Other than being a delightful person to chat with, Brooke is extremely knowledgable on all things nutrition and for that reason, I was very excited to have her involved in the series; her contribution and experience are invaluable. Of course we could have talked for hours on many different topics but in this interview we decided to focus on primarily on sugars, insulin, carbs and the usual suspects. I wanted to focus on their relation to the ketogenic lifestyle, of which, as you know, I am a huge proponent.

In fact, my fascination with keto, and healthy fats has had such a profound life-changing effect on me that it inspired me to write my first book, the New York Times bestseller “Glow15” I’ve now followed that up with another keto-related book “High Fiber Keto” which is set for release in February 2020, but available for pre-order now.

I hope you find these interview highlights educational as they deal with a very serious topic; the misconception that fats (the right fats) are NOT bad for you and how the government made us all terrified of fats when we should be anything but. They went so far as to create endless options of processed “fat free” or “low fat” options that then required extra sugar as flavor compensation. The irony is painful. As Brooke explains, sugars are not just found in the obvious foods, but some of the foods that we simply have no idea about and I’ll let her and the video explain the rest.

Don’t miss out, your health is the most valuable thing you can ever have and we are here to help nurture and protect it. Thanks for watching!

To your health,



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