Hydrogen – Japan’s Anti-Aging Miracle

In a recent video, I interviewed world-famous hydrogen expert, Dr Shigeo Ohta, on his extensive studies on the effects of hydrogen on the human body. It was a fascinating discussion and so eye opening. As someone who likes to travel the world and learn from different cultures, this was truly an educational experience and one that I wish to pursue and learn about in more and more detail, all of which will be documented and shared on this channel. Present at the interview was Tyler LeBaron, a friend who was introduced to me by Dr. Mercola.

Tyler is the executive director of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute and has spent a lot of time in Japan and who introduced me to a concept I couldn’t wait to try: hydrogen skincare, or more specifically, a hydrogen facial. While hydrogen has profound benefits on the human body and our health in preventative and therapeutic ways, more and more people are taking advantage of its skincare benefits, though this is a relatively unknown practice in the west. Throughout Tokyo and the rest of Japan, hydrogen spas are opening across the country and the results from what I have seen speak for themselves. The Japanese have always been at the forefront of health in my opinion and I am always intrigued to learn more and immerse myself as much as possible, in this case quite literally. Hydrogen foam facials and baths are as popular as drinking hydrogen water in Tokyo, and while there I had the pleasure of visiting Reine Blanche, a dedicated hydrogen spa, and learning more about this new concept.

Japan has played an important role in what I do, and it is a country I have traveled to many times, doing research, and interviewing leading scientists. Be sure to watch the videos of both Dr. Ohsumi, Nobel Prize winning scientist whose research on autophagy won him the coveted prize in 2016, and Dr. Ohta, both of whom have worked together and whose respective studies shared some interesting parallels when it comes to autophagy.

I hope this video inspires you to learn more and be sure to leave any questions or let me know about experiences you may have had with hydrogen.

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