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How to Reduce BLOATING

Those of you who follow this channel know we like to mix things up and post videos on a wide variety of topics. Being in the health and wellness industry and exposed to a large community of people who are committed to improving their health and their lives, it is completely expected and inevitable to run into common fundamental concerns about our bodies, and bloating is a big one. It’s a horrible feeling to experience bloating.

We all know those dreaded symptoms; the puffy eyes, hands, and worst of all, that sticking out stomach that just makes you feel and look fat. In many cases people actually confuse these symptoms and think that the big belly is actually a result of fat but are completely unaware that it is a result of bloating and gas and inflammation. I don’t wish to generalize and attribute large stomachs to bloating as opposed to actually being overweight, sometimes it’s one or the other or both, but let’s face it, it’s not a good look and doesn’t do much for our self image or confidence.

The good news is there are many ways to reduce bloating and avoid it completely, and you guessed it, this video will show you how. There are so many factors that can result in bloating and inflammation and a full video explanation would probably run hours long, but in this particular video I just want to focus on the usual suspects. These are perhaps factors present in your lives that you might not have had any idea were causing you to bloat. Some of them will come as a surprise, and some are very general and sometimes quite obvious lifestyle adjustments, but both are very necessary in beating the bulge. 🙂

I Hope this video is useful to you and of course, please post questions if you have them. Thanks as always for watching, and to your health and happiness!



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