How Keto Changed My Life

Keto. Ketones. Ketosis. Ketogenic. Fat adapted. Though keto is surprisingly simple, it can all sound a little confusing and overwhelming at times. My YouTube channel has focused so much attention on a wide variety of topics, keto being the main one, and the goal has always been to uncover the truth behind this remarkable diet. We have tried to cover almost every aspect of keto possible and will keep on exploring new areas, answering your questions, giving you new recipes, sharing fascinating insight from scientist and experts, and above all, using this platform to support your health and happiness goals, whatever they may be.

While keto has been the most prominent subject of our videos over the last year, one aspect of the keto lifestyle I’ve never actually shared (yet have been asked about too many times to remember), is my own personal keto journey and experience. The whole thing, from start to finish, including the difficulties and challenges, the high and lows and the wonderful results that have made me so passionate about what keto can do for us. Through my own research and reading, I was able to recognize that the inflammation I had as a result of being born with an autoimmune disorder was in fact disappearing and I began to see changes in my autoimmune health very quickly. By simply removing sugar from my diet I was able to balance my blood sugar levels and control my insulin spikes to the point where I literally saw life-changing effects on my body and understood the true potential of this lifestyle change.

These experiences have shaped my opinion of the ketogenic lifestyle to the point that I simply want to share and share, whether here on my channel, through my two books – Glow15, my first and a New York Times Bestseller, and my second which has just been released, High Fiber Keto – and through my company, Naomi Whittel Brands, where I have developed keto-friendly products and supplements of the highest quality to support those who wish to improve their health dramatically.

I took to keto very easily and it just felt right, to put it simply. As with anything in life, you need to educate yourself about what you’re doing and be sure you’re doing it properly, but keto, despite its depth and science, is actually very simple at its core and that’s what I love about it.

One constant in my life has always been my love of travel and other cultures. I think it is something I was born with as my very childhood was an adventure; born in Switzerland to an English father and a French mother and spent time in all countries, experiencing their cultures, and having a taste (quite literally) of their different foods and appreciating good foods and diet and health from a young age.

This part of my childhood instilled a sense of adventure in me very early on. I love exploring. It is simply part of my nature. I have often described myself as having an insatiable curiosity when it comes to other cultures around the world and have spent much of my career and adult life going off the beaten path in countries all over the world, and in doing so I have seen many patterns emerge. Certain healthy cultures not viewing fat as a bad thing (I’m talking about healthy fats of course), and other cultures eating the things we have been told are bad for us, and not eating the foods and ingredients that are so prevalent in the USA where I have lived for most of my life. I think it’s fair to say that seeing that there was actual evidence and scientific study backing these findings and observations were unknowingly part of my growth and the beginning of my journey into the world of keto. That itself is another story and another video, but for now, I want to share my journey as it began approximately 2 years ago and in doing so I hope that this answers questions or at the very least, encourages you wherever you are in your own keto journey.

Thanks as always for watching 🙂


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