How Important is Social Distancing? What You Should Know

The world is experiencing a chapter that will certainly go down in the history books and if ever there was a time to be up to date and educated on this global pandemic it is now. I feel it is safe to say none of us have ever experienced anything like this, both in terms of being isolated and under lockdown, and the anxiety and fear that this invisible threat is causing billions of us around the world. This is undoubtedly a crisis that we are all experiencing collectively as a human race and the quest is on full throttle around the world to contain this and begin the process of finding some degree of normalcy in our lives again. It will be a challenge and no one can accurately say when or how long that will take, but the important thing is for all of us to remain calm, be sensible and stay up to date and, above all, stay educated. I can’t stress the last point enough. Being educated about this virus is paramount.


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