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This is the Simple Keto for Real Life

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Does keto seem to make sense in theory yet somehow fail to work as promised? But what if it’s not just you? What if keto as we know it merely fails to encompass the needs of the female body?

Naomi Whittel, the New York Times best-selling author of Glow15, explores how the problem isn’t keto, it’s fiber.

The ketogenic diet is in its glory as one of today’s most popular ways to lose weight, burn fat and cut brain fog. Despite the proven benefits of rapid weight loss and skyrocketing energy, most people give up before seeing any sustainable transformation. Women are especially vulnerable to keto’s extreme restrictions on fiber.

90% of women are living with fiber deficiencies; a high fiber nutritional plan is essential to maximize the benefits of keto.

Naomi Whittel breaks down keto simply step by step, offering real-life easy solutions for maximizing the benefits of a ketogenic diet without deprivation or the dreaded ‘keto flu.’

  • transform your metabolism
  • enhance your microbiome
  • balance your hormones, and
  • keep you satiated

Benefits of 22-Day High Fiber Keto

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Lose Weight

Release up to 9.5 lbs in stored fat, shed up to 7 lbs, and trim up to 4 inches from your waistline

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Maximize Energy

Fix your inefficient metabolism so it works with you and not against you

Woman Outline - Regulate Hormones

Regulate Hormones

Restore balance and mitigate symptoms associated with hormonal fluctuations

Beautiful Skin

Empower your body’s skin immunity to create a natural glow

high fiber keto book cover

Optimize your metabolism, transform your microbiome, balance your hormones

Get step-by-step guidance for each part of this easy-to-follow program

By combining the best high-fiber foods with the ketogenic diet, the High Fiber Keto plan makes it possible to untap a hidden source of energy that helps optimize your metabolism, burn fat, beautify your skin and balance your hormones and gut… in only 22 days!


Through the plan, you will learn about:

The one ratio that reveals much more than the number on the scale

The most efficient and effective form of fuel that will burn your own body fat

New and delicious fiber-rich foods that will change the way your body looks and feels

Pure, clean nutritional ingredients from around the world to help improve your body inside and out

The most efficient and effective ways to move your body to ignite your metabolism

Features nutritious and delicious
High Fiber Keto recipes

What You Can Expect

High Fiber Keto is a lifelong approach to losing and keeping off unnecessary and toxic fat while developing your healthiest and most vibrant version of you. Here’s what you can expect in these first 22 days:

  • Body fat mass loss: Up to 9.25 pounds
  • Trimming of your waistline: Lose up to 4 inches
  • Rapid weight loss: Lose up to 7 pounds
  • Increased energy: More alertness and focus during the day
  • Beautiful, glowing skin: Improvements in your skin firmness and skin tone
  • Exceptional health: Improved health and well-being, more energy, better mood, and reduced stress
  • More strength: The development of lean muscle, as well as another kind of strength — a boost of confidence
  • Blood pressure: Improved blood pressure from systolic and/or diastolic numbers

Stunning scientific evidence into how to activate ketosis without sacrificing vital nutrients and compounds

Finally, a personalized High Fiber Keto plan that works!

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Here are the astonishing results of the clinical study:

A research study was conducted at Jacksonville University with 22 women ranging in age from 25 to 60 years old to test the efficacy of the High Fiber Keto diet. After just three weeks, the study revealed astonishing results.

Before and after the study, researchers measured weight, BMI, waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, body composition, blood pressure, circulating markers of metabolic and cardiovascular health, and self-reported mood, anxiety, stress, happiness, and food cravings.


91% of the women experienced weight loss

91% of the women experienced a decrease in BMI

86% of the women decreased body fat

73% of women improved blood glucose

65% of the women reached nutritional ketosis by post-testing

Participants reported significant improvements in anxiety

Participants reported significant improvements in food cravings

Participants reported significant improvements in skin satisfaction

95% of women improved blood pressure

Systolic blood pressure had an average decrease of 9.7 mmHg

Diastolic blood pressure had an average change of 4.8 mmHg


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Take All The Guess Work Out Of Keto

Support ketosis with high quality ketogenic dietary supplements. Formulated to boost your metabolism, help you have more energy, lose weight and prevent nutritional deficiencies all while satisfying your toughest cravings.

Dr. Josh Axe

DC, DNM, CNS, co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and best-selling author of Eat Dirt and Keto Diet

The accelerated popularity of high-fat ketogenic diets has created tremendous confusion around maintaining the important levels of plant compounds, fibers, and micronutrients. High Fiber Keto takes a science-based lifestyle-focused approach to utilizing all of the important plants to reap the benefits of natural medicine.

Dave Asprey

New York Times best-selling author of Super Human

If you’re doing the keto diet, you’re probably been doing it wrong. High Fiber Keto teaches you how to keep burning fat without losing the vital benefits of fiber. Read this book if you want to feel and look your best for the rest of your life.

Mark Sisson

founder of Primal Kitchen and New York Times best-selling author of The Keto Reset Diet

Naomi Whittel has provided a deep dive into gaining a metabolic advantage through movement and a high fiber ketogenic diet. High Fiber Keto’s science-based plan describes six optimizers to enhance your metabolism and gain control of your body’s energy source.


When will I get my gifts?

High Fiber Keto Bonus gifts are instantly available upon entering your book order confirmation. This confirmation can be found in your email receipt from the retailer. If you have any issues whatsoever, you can always contact our friendly customer service team here.

Where can I use my 20% off coupon?

The 20% off coupon is only valid at naomiwhittel.com.

What if I buy the book at a bookstore?

No problem, simply contact our customer service team with an image of your receipt via this form here. Make sure to upload the receipt under the attachment section.

Are there scientific studies to support the concepts in this book?

Yes. High Fiber Keto is based on a clinical study carried at Jacksonville University, the first clinical trial of its kind on the benefits of the keto diet for women.

Is this really different from Glow15 and if so how?

The essential difference between Glow15 and High Fiber Keto is how carbohydrates are used in the respective diets. Glow15 includes moderate amounts of fruits, starchy vegetables, and beans specifically for the evening meal. The cycling of carbs on Glow15 can put a person into ketosis (using fat for the body’s primary fuel) overnight and through the morning and then they will cycle out with the carbs in the evening. Conversely, High Fiber Keto is a ketogenic diet designed to put the body into ketosis throughout the day and night. Carb levels are lower than in Glow15 and there is a big emphasis on including high-fiber plant foods throughout the day.
Those familiar with Glow15 will be able to smoothly transition into High Fiber Keto and those who do well with High Fiber Keto may benefit from adding in Glow15 principles. Both diets stress the importance of good fats, high-quality whole foods, movement, supplements, and self-care. Both Glow15 and High Fiber Keto can be profound experiences that can lead someone to find the nutrition and lifestyle that works for their unique body and health goals.
Naomi Whittel, the New York Times best-selling author of Glow15

New York Times best-selling author of Glow15


Naomi Whittel is an entrepreneur, a leading nutritional expert, and New York Times best-selling author of Glow15. A leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry, Naomi has two decades of experience in developing and managing sustainable companies. Named by Prevention as a leading female innovator in the natural products industry, she is an advocate of clean and safe nutrition. Her story and products have been lauded by The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, ABC News, PBS, InStyle, The View, The Doctors, The Dr. Oz Show, SHAPE, Good Morning America, and the TODAY show.

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