This is my second fat bomb recipe in two weeks, so by now if you’re a regular on this channel you can probably tell I am a fan. In fact, it’s not just these snacks, or fat bombs that excite me, but healthy good fats in general and anything that can be called a “treat” without harming our bodies or kicking us out of ketosis is just fine with me. I honestly can’t get enough of fat bomb treats or anything that is as simple to make as these, and that pack the same good fats and delicious ingredients that make it very easy for you to keep satisfied and satiated throughout the day. It often seems too good to be true that we can eat delicious high-fat treats, guilt-free, enjoy wonderful health benefits AND lose weight.

What I love the most is that fat bombs are practical. Let’s face it, we live in a busy world and have busy schedules and unfortunately it’s not always easy to labor in the kitchen making complicated recipes. These are an ideal treat to keep in your fridge and there is no right or wrong time to eat them; start your day with one, eat one as dessert at the end of the day, grab one on the go while you’re working, give them to your kids as a snack, eat a couple if you feel like it. Just like all the healthy keto treats I’ve made videos on, they are all so easy to make in batches, refrigerate and just eat as desired, at any time, entirely guilt-free. Simple, easy, healthy, and delicious and an ideal way to stave off hunger and cravings… You just can’t beat that.

The last fat bomb recipe was a Strawberry Coconut Fat Bomb, whereas this one gets a little more zesty! While I love both flavors, I must admit that they are very different and the lemon flavor mixed with the good fats boasts a wonderful creamy texture and smooth citrus flavor that really works well on so many levels.

So, get ready to fill your fridge with another set of fat bombs! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! ps. the full recipe can be found here.

To your health and happiness. Enjoy! 🙂



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