Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate and Lose Weight? Yes, Really! Here’s How:

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September 19, 2019 By Naomi Whittel

Want a lean body, sharp mind and healthy heart?  Who doesn’t?  When you think of red wine and dark chocolate, often there is a conflict between feeling self-indulgent and guilty, and wanting to believe that indeed there is magic in these foods.  Well, I am here to tell you that there are some pretty amazing qualities to the chemicals in these very foods you love.

Resveratrol – A Powerphenol!

Both red wine and dark chocolate contain a powerful polyphenol called Resveratrol.  Polyphenols are a group of plant compounds known as “phyto”- (plant) “chemicals” that have antioxidant properties known to prevent cell damage.  It is by preventing cell damage that you can slow down the process of aging.  “Phenols” are ring-like structures found in nature and “poly” indicates that there are many of these rings that are connected to create a specific substance.  These chemicals are also what are responsible for the vibrant colors and bitter, astringent taste qualities in many foods.  Other examples of polyphenols include berries and the skins of peanuts.

Some of you may recall the phrase “The French Paradox”: frequently used in the 1980’s, when red wine and dark chocolate were popularized by an interesting observation.  That was an observed trend of reduced heart disease among the French population.  There appeared to be a relationship between the amount of wine consumed by the French and a reduced risk of heart disease.  Scientists concluded that this was caused by the compound, resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol or “Powerphenol” as I call it, found in grape skins, dark chocolate, peanut skins and berries.  While there are many polyphenols with antioxidant qualities, resveratrol has a particular effect on anti-aging so I want you to understand it well.

Harvard University’s foremost resveratrol researcher noted that a specific class of proteins, known as sirtuins, was responsible for this phenomenon known as “anti-aging.”  These proteins act as regulators of mitochondrial biogenesis or the formation of new cells from other cells.  He also found that the trans form of Resveratrol was best.  “Trans” relates to the rotation of the molecule and how easily it will be used in the body.  Trans-resveratrol enhances autophagy, the cleanup mechanism in the cell.  Autophagy is responsible for turning back the clocks on aging.

What This Powerphenol Can Do For You!

  • Youthful Brain – By increasing blood flow to the brain, resveratrol supports healthy brain function.  Additionally, it supports the integrity of the blood-brain barrier, thus blocking harmful chemicals from crossing into the brain while supporting necessary nutrients to flow in.  Resveratrol will help you feel clear-headed, remember names, and be on task – no mental fogginess.
  • Weight Management – Your metabolism will be improved because resveratrol supports mitochondrial function.  The mitochondria are known as the powerhouse or engine of each cell.  When insulin levels are in check, this will help manage your appetite and help you burn body fat. You will be lean, strong and fit.

Also, promising anti-aging research indicates that resveratrol may have the ability to MIMIC the effects of calorie restriction. Both intermittent fasting and calorie restriction support autophagy, so imagine adding to that support with an easy-to-take supplement.

  • Reduced Inflammation – we are living in the era of “the body on fire.” Inflammation leads not only to the major chronic diseases, but also to various pain syndromes. Trans-resveratrol has shown to be more potent than NSAIDS in various studies without the negative side effects of medications.  You will be less prone to headaches and muscle pain.
  • Heart Health – Just as resveratrol supports blood flow to the brain, it does so in the cardiovascular system as well. Increased blood flow supports oxygen and nutrients to the heart, thus enhancing overall cardiovascular health.  You will have endurance for those workouts with more to spare!

Can You Drink 500 Glasses of Red Wine?

Since it would take about 500 glasses of red wine or multiple squares of dark chocolate to make a dent in the dose required for these amazing effects, resveratrol is a much better option.  It’s best taken as a 250 mg concentrated supplement.  It can be taken with or without food and, when indicated for weight management and metabolic syndrome, you can take two doses daily.

You have someone on the inside to help you get the quality supplement you need.

I’m going to reveal 3 insider secrets to help you choose a resveratrol supplement you trust. In fact, I created Glow15 Resveratrol with this intel in mind:

#1) Check the ingredient sources

  • Glow15 Resveratrol is made with 2 of the world’s highest sources of resveratrol: muscadine grapes and polygonum cuspidatum.
  • Muscadine grapes are loaded with resveratrol. Because they have thick, tough skin… that’s where powerful age-defying phenols are concentrated—resveratrol, ellagic acid and catechins.
  • Glow15 Resveratrol includes the exclusive ingredient, Glow15 Anti-Aging Proprietary Blend. A proprietary method helps preserve quality, purity, and potency from batch to batch.

#2) Get the best actives

  • Glow 15 Resveratrol delivers 250 mg of “pure” resveratrol. It contains trans-resveratrol… the active, more powerful compounds.
  • Trans-resveratrol has a structural advantage over “weaker” forms of resveratrol.

#3) Maximize absorption

  • Glow 15 Resveratrol was formulated for bioavailability… meaning it has an optimal rate of absorption.
  • Trans-resveratrol is fat-soluble so it binds with other lipids to help improve absorption. (TIP: Take resveratrol with a bit of fat, like MCT oil or avocado!)
  • Plus, it includes 20 mg of quercetin—another polyphenol that helps boost absorption and benefits.

Secrets To A Better Body and Brain

If you want a leaner body, better brain and endurance – and who doesn’t – think about resveratrol as one important component in your overall picture of health.  And you can still have your red wine and dark chocolate too!

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