Choose No Breakfast Over A No-Value Breakfast

Breakfast, for so long, has been presented as the nutritional equivalent of a seatbelt: You just have to have it. But unlike seatbelts (which you do have to have!), breakfast isn’t necessarily something you have to buckle up with every morning. (But it could be something that eventually gets strapped around your waist!)

So many of us been conditioned to eat breakfast like this: Nibble a granola bar or have a bowl of cereal or drive through for a quick breakfast sandwich. The problem with many of our traditional breakfast choices is that, even if they’re low in calories, they’re potentially high in sugar and carbs, which will set you up for lots of uneven energy throughout the day (not to mention the potential weight gain associated with extra blood sugar).

I love intermittent fasting a couple of times a week—when I essentially skip breakfast and delay what I eat until about noon on those days. I also make sure that my first meal is high in healthy fat, like avocado or one of my favorite smoothies.

Naomi Whittel

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