Choose Surf And Turf Over Pasta And Veggies

There’s nothing wrong with a meal with lots and lots of vegetables, of course. It’s the pasta and the empty carbs that typically come in them that your body doesn’t necessarily need. Instead, try a dinner with two power-packed sources of protein.

A meal with a moderate portion of red meat (I prefer grass-fed beef) and some kind of fish (my favorites are tuna and salmon) is a double serving of youth-boosting nutrients. And it’s not just because of the excellent protein that comes from meat and fish and the healthy fats found in fish.

These foods contain nutrients that help your levels of keratin, which is the protein needed to build the structure of your hair, skin, and nails.

For example, the zinc and red meat (it’s also found in crab) boosts the production of collagen, which is important for skin elasticity. And the Vitamin D in salmon and tuna helps the production of keratin itself. Looking for a side dish? How about some broccoli or spinach, which have Vitamin A, to also help keratin production. Or top the meat with some mushrooms, which have biotin; biotin helps strengthen keratin’s ability to fortify hair and nails.


Naomi Whittel

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