Have you ever wondered what food your brain really needs? Do you want to learn how you can reduce cognitive decline by up to 50%?

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We’re back in France and in the following video you’re going to see a conversation between myself and David Gaudout from the company ActivInside which has its headquarters in the Bordeaux region and is doing great work worldwide with some of the world’s best researchers when it comes to nutritional and health related studies.

I had a very enlightening experience touring the offices and laboratories and listening in wonder about the ground-breaking research they’re doing into cognitive decline prevention, bioavailability, essential polyphenols, “brain berries” and so much more.

You would be forgiven for mistaking the title of the video as something psychological but in fact the mind diet is, as Mr. Gaudout explains, exactly that… a nutritional diet for your mind. We typically associate the word diet with weight loss or improvements in physical health but through their tireless research in this field the people at ActivInside have made some remarkable discoveries that you will hear all about. As David says, the Mind Diet began with a personal story involving his grandmother that set him on the path to understand how certain foods, molecules and certain compounds can have an incredible and significant effect on not only brain function, but the very way we think and feel.

I hope you find this video informative and we welcome any questions and or comments.

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