Choose A Cup Of Earl Grey Tea Over A Vending Machine Snack

The afternoon slump can be real, especially if your diet features a lot of simple carbs that can mess with your energy levels throughout the day. Unfortunately, this cycle of ups and downs only makes you bounce between feeling on top of the world to feeling like you want to curl up in bed. When your energy levels drop, it can be tempting to reach for the easiest option, even if that means a pre-packaged block of some sort of sugary snack. If you can afford just a minute or two longer than it takes to shuttle some quarters into a machine, make yourself a cup of earl grey tea with real or pure bergamot (you want to ensure that the tea is made with real bergamot extract, as opposed to synthetic fragrances, which have zero therapeutic effect). There are lots of great reasons to do so: One, the caffeine can give you a boost, for sure. Two, earl grey tea contains citrus bergamot, which has been shown to activate autophagy among many other health benefits. Activating autophagy is one of the most important ways you can assist your body in improving everything, from enhancing your immune function and cardiac health to decreasing your inflammation and looking your best at any age. Finally, don’t discount the fact that because it takes you a lot longer to drink a warm cup than it does to scarf down a small snack. It can help you feel satisfied for a longer period of time—without all the empty calories. Of course, this tea can be a wonderful option to help you start your morning as well unwind at the day’s end.

Naomi Whittel

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