In the last video from my recent trip to France, I discussed the wonders of resveratrol with my old friend and seventh generation winemaker, Thierry.

Our discussion covered many aspects of the wine-making process, and we briefly touched on such things as biodynamic farming (which I will explain in more detail in this video), and “terroir” and how it is used. These are two practices unique to Thierry’s wine-making technique. This is why I chose to source my ingredients for my products, both supplements and skin care, from this particular vineyard.

In the following video, Thierry and I discuss the “leftovers” of the wine making process, which consist of some particularly amazing ingredients, shall we say. Most importantly: the grape seed. From the grape seed we can produce an oil that has incredible health benefits. And beyond that, it also has amazing skin care properties, both of which I’ve used in my product line, in the form of supplements and skin care.

As I said in the last video, this is a man who knows his grapes, from season to soil, from the soil to the root, to the vine, the grape, the juice, the skin, and last but certainly not least, the seed. Hopefully these videos are offering some insight into why I stopped my search here and why I am so fascinated by what we can harness from red wine, starting from the ground up.

Grape seed oil is something most of us know about or have seen, if not tasted. The benefits of it are very surprising. First of all, it is a major antioxidant. Did you know it can improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure? Or that it can benefit your major organs, reduce the risk of cancer, is antibacterial and can improve your skin through collagen and increase elasticity and overall appearance? All of this from the tiniest of seeds! It’s quite miraculous and so true that good things come in small packages!

I’ll let the video do the talking from here on, but I hope that you can see why I am so obsessed with this and why I’ve incorporated it into my products.

To your health and happiness,




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