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The World’s Healthiest “Ice Cream”

This is my Avocado Nice Cream. While that sounds like an ice cream, in reality it’s more of a sorbet. The name comes from the dessert’s amazing texture and creamy smoothness. Now, here in the States avocados are not typically used in desserts or seen as a sweet, yet in many countries the avocado is a dessert. It’s a fruit after all, and is often enjoyed in the same way we would enjoy an orange for example. So, this recipe is promoting its use in a non-savory form.

Lately, I’ve been replacing the creamy vanilla MCT in this recipe with my mandarin orange dream MCT, MCT vanilla extract, some monk fruit natural sweetener (if you really want to satisfy that sweet tooth), and almond butter for added richness, this recipe is supercharged with amazing healthy fats and protein with all the goodness of our hero ingredient.

I must say, my favorite part of this recipe is that unlike traditional homemade ice creams and sorbets, this doesn’t require a large amount of ingredients. Not to mention the tedious process of mixing and freezing and repeating. Instead, this easy recipe simply requires freezing the avocado cubes overnight, which means once blended, it’s good to go!

This creamy dessert is truly a keto wonder and so incredibly packed full of goodness, and is about as healthy as you can get.

Being National Avocado Day, I wish to give thanks for the following benefits this wonder fruit offers: They contain more potassium than bananas (a great reason to use them in smoothies instead), they are loaded with heart healthy good fats, they are packed full of fiber, they can lower cholesterol, the list is just endless. How often can you say that about a dessert? Bravocado!

Enjoy and thanks for watching!




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