Are You Skinny Fat?

It’s not difficult to recognize the oxymoron in this video title. Skinny fat, or “skinny obese” as it has also come to be known, is not something we are all too familiar with in the wellness community, or in general for that matter. When we think of the word fat or obese, we typically think large, and we think noticeably so. The word is synonymous with weight gain and size, and yet some of us are walking around in pretty good shape, perhaps carrying a little extra weight here and there, but for the most part certainly not feeling “fat” and far from feeling obese! Yet this is exactly what is so scary.

As Dr. Ara Jo, from The University of Florida explains in this video; you don’t have to be fat to be obese, or skinny to be entirely healthy, it is a misconception that makes obesity and related health concerns even more of a threat, as we often have no idea they are even there. How your weight is distributed determines whether you fall into the skinny fat or “obese” category. Your weight alone can’t tell whether you’re skinny fat or not, which is why so many people don’t realize that they are in the first place. It’s an unsettling thought. During a sit down conversation in the University campus, Dr. Jo revealed fascinating and frankly, quite surprising and concerning information that definitely got my attention.

In fact, the information I learned made me realize that in order to comprehend this idea we need to completely redefine our understanding of the words “fat” and “obese”. Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat are two very important words to remember. Why? Because that is the fat that is not necessarily seen, especially visceral fat. Subcutaneous is the fat under our skin, and visceral fat is the fat that surrounds our organs, and is the worse of the two, and it is also the fat that can be doing you harm without you even being aware of it. So while on the outside, skinny fat people might look fit, on the inside, their bodies may be at high risk for a number of health problems.

However, don’t panic or go running to the treadmill just yet, as there are ways of finding out if you are indeed “skinny fat” as the doctor explains in the video. More videos will be released on this topic in due time. So much of what I’m trying to share with you all on this channel truly stems from my “outside meets inside” philosophy, in other words, not everything is as it seems and to be healthy, happy, and your best self, you must first start from within and work your way out, and this topic perfectly illustrates that. And of course, the second goal is to identify these problems and present solutions. I hope this interview and the information within proves useful to you.

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