What I’ve Learned Can Change Your Life

I truly believe that nature holds the key to our everyday wellness. I want to teach you what I’ve encountered so that you, too, can live your healthiest life.  Working closely with those I’ve met around the world, along with my team of world-renowned scientists, I am proud to say that each and everyday, we unlock the key to breakthroughs that will improve YOUR everyday life. These discoveries will help you thrive, not just survive. So come—take this journey with me.

I’m Naomi Whittel: mom, wife, CEO–and insatiably curious about the healing power of the Earth’s ingredients.

As a little girl, I spent my childhood on an organic biodynamic farm in France, where my father was a chemist and my grandmother Mutti sent me into the fields to gather herbs for our family’s tinctures. While many of them provided healing for our family’s ailments—I suffered from debilitating eczema for which nothing worked—not even traditional medicine. It was painful, embarrassing and holding me back. One day, I turned to an acupuncturist who provided me a curative path through herbs and treatments. The symptoms subsided —and I was thrilled. But then, everything changed. While going through routine testing in my early twenties as I prepared for pregnancy, I was confronted with dangerous levels of toxicity from heavy metals in the herbs I had ingested. I was blindsided! This crisis ignited my passion and promise to ensure that others would never endure the same challenges that I had.

I have traveled around the world and back.

My journey began in the South of France—where I became fascinated with the French Paradox (the idea that the French people drink high quantities of wine and eat foods high in fats and yet remain one of the world’s healthiest cultures). My curiosity led me to study at the University of Bordeaux, where I discovered the power of bioactive trans-resveratrol from the seeds, stems, and skins of red wine grapes. Knowing that trans-resveratrol could change lives for so many back home, I cultivated partnerships with these leading scientists and the vineyards themselves–this would eventually revolutionize the anti-aging category. I became the first to bring resveratrol to the marketplace as a nutritional supplement and it remains as a breakthrough wellness ingredient today.

And the quest continues. . .


Since then, I’ve slept in the huts of the Guna People of Coastal Panama while studying their ritual worship of cacao. I’ve explored the wet markets of Beijing to learn how and why Chinese women have ingested collagen for beauty benefits for hundreds of years. I’ve visited the spice markets of India to learn about the healing powers of turmeric, and in the orchards of Calabria, I learned how bergamot can be one of our most powerful heart-health ingredients. From Alaska to Okinawa, my travels have led me from the corners of the Earth straight to the sources of the purest ingredients. Along the way, we’ve created transformational fair trade partnerships in the spirit of sustainability.

So how can my journey change your everyday life?


Through all of my travels, and my day-to-day life as a busy working woman, wife and mother, I have had to seek out the best possible ways to maximize my health and vitality in the least amount of time. What I’ve learned to be true: the smallest changes can make a world of impact. Yes, you *can* double the impact of your sleep hours. Yes, you *can* turn on your body’s own healing mechanisms by making simple switches to what you eat and when you eat it. Yes, you *can* lose weight, gain energy and boost your immunity by simply tweaking the decisions you already make. I want to share this all with you as we take this trip together…


So, let’s Glow!



Naomi Whittel is widely recognized as the one to watch in the “wellness from within” space. Named by Prevention the nation’s leading female innovator in the natural products industry, Naomi is hailed as a trailblazer and an advocate of purity and potency in nutraceuticals. As CEO of Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Naomi continues to deliver on her promise to help millions thrive with award-winning supplements they know will truly help them. A premier wellness partner for QVC, Naomi has also been recognized as one of the leading innovators in the natural products industry by Whole Foods Magazine in their exclusive “Who’s Who of Manufacturers and Suppliers”. Her story and products have been lauded by The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, ABC News, PBS, InStyle, The View, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, SHAPE, Access Hollywood, Natural Solutions, Good Morning America, Today Show and more. She is a steward of sustainability, a sought-after keynote speaker, and a member of the UN Chamber of Commerce Foundation.  Naomi lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband and their four children.

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