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6 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s almost tiring how often we’re told how much water we have to drink on a daily basis. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and we’re almost always told we’re not drinking enough. With our body compositions being different, and our activity levels also being so varied, it’s not a case of simply saying you need to drink this many glasses of water per day vs that many. In my experience it’s completely different for every single person, but above all we need to listen to our bodies. When you think of primitive man, he wouldn’t have had access to 8 oz of mineral water every single day. Water is a precious element and while you’ve probably heard it a hundred times before, our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water is life giving, we can get it directly and also from structured sources such as water based plants, and vegetables (see my Glow Skin Smoothie recipe to have a better idea). But the debate on how much we truly need is quite tiring. If you run daily, and have an active life and are a of a certain height and weight then naturally you’re going to require more hydration. If you’re spending your days sitting at a desk, chances are you won’t need as much.

My feeling on the matter, and I am no doctor, but I do have extensive experience in wellness and over the many, many, years working in this field I have learned a lot, both through study, trial and error, and observations, etc, that this is one of those things that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I believe we need water like we need food — when our bodies ask for it. But water can also be used for flushing our systems, for improving the quality of our skin, for boosting our metabolism first thing in the morning, for energy, the list is long…and all will be revealed in the following video. I have always felt that in order to know the right amount you need then you need to listen to your body, not to what everyone tells you. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this video and learn from it. Staying hydrated (the correct way) is of the utmost importance for our overall health and it is something we need to take extremely seriously. Thanks for watching and I hope you subscribe to receive further content as we post 3 times a week on very interesting and varied subjects. Be sure to be part of that and stay informed.

To your health and hydration!



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