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CBD Facts and Myths

Do you ever wonder if drinking hemp milk will make you high?

Have you ever seen anyone smoking a hemp shirt?

In this video I want to tackle a subject that is quite controversial and misunderstood, not only in the health and wellness community, but also throughout the world. I’m of course talking about CBD.

I intend to dispel the most common myths about CBD, from whether it can get you high or contain psychoactive properties, and to address other misunderstood facts like the correct dosage, how much you should be taking, and in what form, its relation (or not) to cannabis, and much more.

There is so much science and research (and results!) behind CBD, and it is a powerful nutrient that can support your Endocannabinoid system and has myriad health benefits, and it needs to be taken seriously.

Also known as Cannabidiol, it was discovered in 1940 and studies (still ongoing) have shown CBD to be an effective medicine for anxiety, sleep, cognition, pain and movement disorders. Yet despite this, it still stigmatized by many and carries many misconceptions that are simply untrue, including an association to cannabis, which is not only unfair, but very misunderstood as you will learn in this video.

Many people can benefit from using CBD and in so many ways, and I feel it’s unfair that people are misunderstanding it and misjudging it without properly educating themselves first. For those of you out there who are scared to take it or have come to your own conclusions about it, good or bad, I think you’ll be very surprised by the facts in this video. Now, this is the first of many we will be focusing on here on my channel.

CBD is something I personally take and I’ll talk about the why’s and the when’s in the video, but bottom line: it works and it is too important in its medicinal functions to be so easily dismissed, and I hope to change people’s perceptions of it through the many videos on the subject, starting with this one. I hope that you learn from this video and understand that CBD can help you. It is a medicine and not a drug and we need to understand that.

To your health and happiness,



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